Tune for Thomas

June 2011 —

Tune for Thomas from Jason Beacon on Vimeo.

Blackheart Sassofrass/Bunya/Jarra OOO acoustic guitar - handmade by Jason at Villa San Rocco under the watchful, oft watery eyes of master luthier Chris Wynne of Thomas Lloyd Guitars, Melbourne.

This guitar took 2 weeks to build from scratch. To say I'm over the Moon with this first effort is something of an understatement. I've never heard such tone and resonance, especially from a medium-bodied guitar that's literally just been built. It can only improve with age and playing. Factory-made instruments don't come close; the only comparable guitars are the 15 other classical and acoustic unique, custom-built versions that were made here over May/June of this year.

Please bear in mind this clip was recorded on a standard photographic camera with no external mic or any mixing. Also, apologies to Stanley and other purists for the rough technique, esp. creeping thumb on E-string. Once a strummer, etc. As Marlin might say, 'That's how we roll.'

To see/hear more of these stunning Aussie gems, visit www.thomaslloydguitars.com.au Or come and build your own.



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