It was Christmas Eve, babe - in the drunk tank...

December 2013 —

They got cars big as bars, they got rivers of gold

The Pogues - Fairytale of New York

Like what the comune's done to Ponte al Serraglio? Some of the older locals aren't 'sopra la luna' about it, but it does put the valley back on the map...

Weeeeell, ok, so we're in NYC over Natale (and probably speaking more Italian here than in Benabbio...) - but before you decide to pay a visit with a crow bar and the pickup, I'm afraid the villa is occupied with other festive souls, a couple of whom are keen martial artists, so be aware...

We'll be back at the beginning of 2014, Insha'Allah, and we hope to see some of you back at The Roc, too, as we continue to evolve. Most of the warmer season is already booked up, with our favourite guitar makers from Melbourne, photo-artistes from Phoenix and yogis from London all returning for fun and business. Those in search of simple relaxation also are confirmed for the hot months of July and August, though we do have a few weeks still available - be in touch if you fancy a week to reminisce, a "friends' discount" applies for all former residents.

We'll be enjoying bagels 'n fizz for Christmas brunch, Noo Yoik style - however you do it, I'll leave the last words to good old Shane Macgowan:

So Happy Christmas - I love you Baby - I can see a better time when all our dreams come true



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