01 October 2012

"Take 'em on to the bridge!"


Get on up, get on up, come on - get on up!

How much more persuasive need we be? Our latest venture includes warmth, wine, winning bridge masters (take a bow, Kedagh) and San Rocco's now legendary convivial atmosphere and omnipresent bonhommie. Come with friends for fun and card-fights, or gather a group to include some serious tips and teaching - all the whi…



02 August 2012

As cold as the tip of an Eskimo's...

...nose. Yes, well quite. While it may not chill an amphibian to the point of absolute inertia, some of our more upright guests seeking the same respite have found it, at least, adequate.

The pool, that is. 'La Piscina.' The two words that turn San Rocco from a summer desert, a waterless mirage of parched lawns and shimmering, blistering miasmas, into the Sultan'…


In My Secret Life

26 April 2012

Hollywood is loneliness beside the swimming pool - Liv Ullmann

Fear not, Liv - you're not in Tinsletown anymore. Get yourself to San Rocco's olive grove, where cool breezes stroke the soft-scented grasses (dribble dribble bucolic bliss etcetera), and you'll be in fine company.

I can't actually share any images with you yet, I'm afraid, Liv, as the skies have been angry as a Norwegian wood in winter…


Cold Mountain

09 February 2012

The fountain in the front yard is rusted out/ All my love was down in the frozen ground - Bon Iver

Before we state the bleedin' obvious, let us recall why houses like San Rocco were built as they were: to house wealthy Renaissance types during the summer months, where the light mountain breezes could offer balmy respite from the crucible-like heat of the madding city below.

Summer. Ah, there's the c…


Baby, It's Cold Outside...

22 December 2011

"The one thing women don't want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband" - Joan Rivers

It's been a busy year at 'The Roc' - and it's about to get busier. What better way to wind down December, then, than with a little healing Yoga and the Christmas bazaar?

In fact, the 'Yoga' in this instance was based on a form of Tibetan tantra, taught to a group of instructors and practit…



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