Where will it lead...?

June 2014 —

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer

F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby

Revolution - nature does it every year; man - every third or so generation. So it's been said, though I forget the sayer, sounds like a prosecco drinker rather than any revolutionary of whom Che would be proud. Bygones.

San Rocco is revolving, naturally, about the Sun, the prime source of life in our miniscule solar system, a mere mitochodrion in one cell that is a galaxy among billions of cells that make up this 'ere universe. So it may be said. Yet San Rocco is also evolving, which from our less-than-mitochondrial perspective is the interesting part, for it is the one area of the villa's continued planetary existence wherein we might exert a modicum of that nebulous human fantasy, change.

Well all right, it hasn't changed much. Spot the new benches and outside table (thanks Huw), a bit of furniture shuffling, a lick and a tickle of paint here and there. The old girl is resolutely Italian, after all, and once settled into her 'modo di fare' is unlikely to change course. What's exciting is seeing our regular guests return, like the swallows, every year with their wonderful, inimitable courses and a host of new visitors under their arching wings.

Chris, master Luthier at Thomas Lloyd Guitars, steered an incredible 17 handmade rare tonewood guitars into existence this year (whilst occasionally going "bloind" for the hell of it); James and Carol of Alchemy Studio are now incumbent with their unique mix of art, photography, yoga/meditation and out of this world cuisine; later in August, Jools of Reclaim Yourself will return with further yogis in search of revitalisation, respite from the diurnal schlep and all sorts of other "R"s; and who knows what else will show up in between?

One thing's for sure: if prosecco drinkers ever actually did instigate a revolution, the world would be a lighter, happier and bubblier place. Cin-cin.





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