Reclaiming All The Pieces

September 2013 —

We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. We will welcome summer's ghost.

Henry Rollins

Fortunately, the wreckage wasn't too dire - a few broken garden chairs; a leaky pool pump; Raymond getting overexcited with a wheelbrace. Call it a round of 'First World Problems'.

Now we're exceeding happy to welcome back to the villa Jools and her wonderfully named Reclaim Yourself yoga group. The kitchen is humming (in the rightest sense), yogis are twistin' and breathing in the studio and summer's ghost appeases - for now. 

Someone once said the Universe is nothing more than a breathing out and breathing in. (Was this said while Someone held their breath, I wonder?) When we're born, a mini-universe is created and the moment of birth shatters us into a billion fragments that expand and race away through the timeline of our lives. To gather the fragments is to find the source of our being - to 're-member ourselves' - to breathe in, to reclaim what appeared lost. This is a fine undertaking to have going on under one's roof, now the echoes of summer's swallows have faded.

Blow on, warm winds.



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